[LINUX] I made an Xubuntu server.

Nice to meet you

This is Qiita's first post!

(** I registered in June last year **, but it was stock-only for articles, so I didn't have to post it.)

This time, company housing? I decided to install a Linux server inside, The purpose (as of now) is as follows.

  1. Build a learning environment for PHP, Ruby, etc.
  2. Construction of home NAS
  3. With a view to opening to the outside in the future

The machine to be the server is as follows.

Model: Self-made machine CPU:AMD E-350(1.622GHz) RAM:8GB BIOS:E7698AMS V1.5(2011/4/22) HDD:640GB+1TB USB:2.010、3.02

When I check the BIOS ...

Now, turn on the power → check the BIOS.

The important part

After setting to, set the boot order to

  1. USB Floppy
  3. USB HardDisk
  4. USB KEY
  5. CD/DVD
  6. Built-in HDD

Set to.

I am very confused about the installed OS

The OS to install ...

Mainly operated as a server, Introducing a (?) GUI environment in case of unforeseen circumstances!

The memory is relatively rich at ** 8GB **, but Although the CPU is 64-bit compatible, the number of clocks is ** 1.6GHz **, which is poor.

** Select Xubuntu 18.04 LTS 64bit. ** **

Create an installation DVD and set it in the drive.

During installation

--Download updates --Install a third party

Check the box.

HDD partition setting

Installation type: Other After setting to

1st HDD (640GB): / dev / sda Second HDD (1TB): / dev / sdb Confirm that it is.

The partition of / dev / sda is

--swap: 16.4GB (basic partition / swap) -/ boot: 256MB (basic partition, ext4) --/ usr: 40960MB (logical partition, ext4) -/ var: 20480MB (logical partition, ext4) -/ var / log: 51200MB (logical partition, ext4) ← for log -/: 20480MB (logical partition, ext4) -/ tmp: 1024MB (logical partition, ext4) -/ opt: 40960MB (logical partition, ext4) -/ rsv: 40960MB (logical partition, ext4) ← Spare -/ home: 407430MB (basic partition, ext4)

The partition of / dev / sdb is

** Planned for NAS (considering XFS format) **

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