[PYTHON] Draw a graph with Julia + PyQtGraph (3)

"Draw a graph in the programming language Julia" I succeeded in moving the sample for the time being, but the data created by my own program (in Julia language) I decided to find out how to draw a graph using. I made a sample to draw a graph in 3D space. (Refer to the sample of PyQtGraph, the calculation processing part was ported to Julia side) As usual, the calculation result obtained by Julia is displayed as a graph in PyQtGraph. (Please create an environment and move it)

Note: For the environment construction, refer to "Drawing a graph in the programming language Julia".

2014-0704-0623.png ↑ Drag with the mouse or press the cursor key to rotate the 3D graph. You can zoom in / out by turning the mouse wheel.

jl:GLLinePlot.jl(C:\julia-0.2.1-win32\Save to bin)

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

using PyCall

nx = 100
ny = 51
x = linspace(-10, 10, nx)
y = linspace(-10, 10, ny)
z = zeros(Float64, length(x), length(y))

for iy = 1:length(y)
    for ix = 1:length(x)
        d = (x[ix]^2 + y[iy]^2)^0.5
        z[ix, iy] = 10 * cos(d) / (d+1)

@pyimport GLLinePlot
GLLinePlot.graph_run(x, y, z)

python:GLLinePlot.py(C:\julia-0.2.1-win32\Save to bin)

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from pyqtgraph.Qt import QtCore, QtGui
import pyqtgraph.opengl as gl
import pyqtgraph as pg
import numpy as np

def graph_run(plot_data_x, plot_data_y, plot_data_z):

    app = QtGui.QApplication([])

    w = gl.GLViewWidget()
    w.opts['distance'] = 40
    w.setWindowTitle(u'Julia+PyQtGraph sample')

    x = plot_data_x
    y = plot_data_y
    for i in range(len(y)):
        yi = [y[i]]*len(x)
        z = plot_data_z[:,i]
        pts = np.vstack([x,yi,z]).transpose()
        plt = gl.GLLinePlotItem(pos=pts, color=pg.glColor((i,len(y)*1.3)), width=(i+1)/10., antialias=True)


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