[PYTHON] Batch convert all xlsx files in the folder to CSV files

Background / premise / specifications

A memo for creating an Excel operation tool for work. Derivation of this ↓. Get all xlsx filenames in a folder in a natural sort order and build an absolute path

How to use

  1. Create two new folders on your desktop with the names "folder1" and "folder2".

  2. In "folder1", throw all the xlsx files you want to convert.

  3. Move.

  4. Converted to a csv file and saved in "folder2".

Execution environment

The execution environment and the version of each library are as follows.

Batch convert all xlsx files in the folder to CSV files.


import os
import csv
import openpyxl
from natsort import natsorted

#Arbitrary folder name created on the desktop

folder_name = "folder1"
folder_2_name = "folder2"

desktop_path = os.getenv("HOMEDRIVE") + os.getenv("HOMEPATH") + "\\Desktop"
folder_path = os.path.join(desktop_path, folder_name)
folder_2_path = os.path.join(desktop_path, folder_2_name)

#Get Excel file name list in natural order
files = natsorted(os.listdir(folder_path))

#Build the absolute path of each file by turning the file name list with a for statement
for filename in files:
    filepath = os.path.join(folder_path, filename)
    #Access xlsx file → Get the object of the first sheet
    wb = openpyxl.load_workbook(filepath)
    ws_name = wb.sheetnames[0]
    ws = wb[ws_name]
    #Convert to csv and save in folder2
    savecsv_path = os.path.join(folder_2_path, filename.rstrip(".xlsx")+".csv")
    with open(savecsv_path, 'w', newline="") as csvfile:
        writer = csv.writer(csvfile)
        for row in ws.rows:
            writer.writerow([cell.value for cell in row])

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