[LINUX] [Note] Procedures for installing Ubuntu on Windows 10

1. Enable the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) feature

--Enable "Windows Subsystem for Linux" in Settings> Enable or Disable Windows Features --Restart Windows

2. Install Ubuntu

--Search and install Ubuntu in the Microsoft Store --Start Ubuntu, set user name and password --sudo apt update ・ ・ ・ Update the list of installable packages --sudo apt upgrade ・ ・ ・ Update installed packages --sudo apt install task-japanese ・ ・ ・ Installation of Japanese related packages --sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales ・ ・ ・ Set the locale to Japanese --ʻExit ・ ・ ・ Exit Ubuntu --Restart Ubuntu --sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata ・ ・ ・ Set the time zone to JST --sudo apt install man` ・ ・ ・ Installation of Japanese tools, etc.


-You can install the Linux runtime environment on Windows 10 -Japaneseize the Debian environment of WSL

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