Organize Linux

The words around Linux have become messed up, so organize them

What is Linux

In a broad sense

** Open source OS ** [^ 1](Operationg System) Made by a great Finnish with reference to Unix (the contents are original) → Looks similar to Linux and Unix

Windows and Mac OS are also OS

In a narrow sense

A type of ** kernel ** [^ 2] in the OS

In other words

Linux in a broad sense = Linux in a narrow sense (kernel) + other software

Linux distribution

Linux (kernel) in a narrow sense + other software → Linux as OS (or distribution form)

there are various things image.png

RedHat system

Developed by Red Hat For "work"

・ Fedora ・ CentOS

Debian (Debian) system

Developed mainly by volunteers User-friendly way of thinking

· Debian ・ Ubuntu ・ Linux Mint ・ ElementaryOS ・ ZorinOS

Slackware system

Complex management method Emphasis on stability and security

・ OpenSUSE


For command system, here


  1. Differences between Unix and Linux that can be explained to people in 3 minutes | Engineer's entrance
  2. [For beginners] 10 things you can do with Linux in 3 minutes | Engineer's entrance
  3. What is a Linux distribution? | An IT terminology dictionary that makes you feel like you understand, even if you don't understand it
  4. [By purpose] 7 recommended Linux distributions for beginners | Engineer entrance

[^ 1]: Computer-based, providing basic processing on a personal computer [^ 2]: OS core software

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