numpy: I want to convert a single type ndarray to a structured array

# What is this A way to convert a regular ndarray defined with a single type to a structured array. ### Motivation --Multiple data is time series (2D array) and I want to access it like a dictiona

Create file update history and brief release notes with PySImple GUI

# Introduction There is no team development at work, and I often write code individually, so I have rarely written code update history or release notes. (I haven't written a release note because I

Page cache in Python + Flask with Flask-Caching

# Page cache in Python + Flask with Flask-Caching ## Package installation Use the [Flask-Caching]( package ``` $ pip install Flask-Caching ``` ## Ho

python engineer certification exam

I took the python engineer certification exam this time. I passed the exam, but I've learned a lot, so I'll write it down as a memorandum. I hope it helps someone. I will look back on what I tende

CentOS8, please update the gorilla before the daily reboot (dnf command)

# Reboot is just a reboot In the article [I want to restart CentOS8 on time every day](, I created an environment to restart CentOS8 every day.

Perform multiple version control of Go with anyenv + goenv

When developing in Go language, it often happens that you want to use multiple versions locally, so as a countermeasure, I will introduce a method to make it easy to switch versions using goenv and a

When I get an error with PyInstaller

PyInstaller is very convenient because you can convert a program written in Python into an executable file. Moreover, if you write it like the following, all the libraries will be combined into one f

Automatically update CSV files to AWS DynamoDB

# Introduction I often output the data collected by scraping as a CSV file. However, in order to use the data efficiently, the data in the CSV file must be stored in a database or the like. Even if

Upload packages to PyPI using tokens

# Introduction In Python, you can upload the library you created to `PyPI` for easier installation with` pip`. At this time, it is usually necessary to manually enter the user name and password i

RcppKagome --R package that calls the Go library via Rcpp for morphological analysis

[![paithiov909/RcppKagome - GitHub](]( ## What is this? This is a package for morphological analysis w

Let's claim the possibility of pyenv-virtualenv in 2021

# what's this? In 2021, when everyone uses pipenv and poetry, I realized that pyenv-virtualenv is perfect for a certain purpose, so I will introduce it. # What is pyenv-virtualenv? It is one of the

Embedding method DensMAP that reflects the density of distribution of high-dimensional data

Somehow a new embedding method was proposed. From one to the next. [Narayan, A., Berger, B. & Cho, H. "Assessing single-cell transcriptomic variability through density-preserving data visualization.

From scratch! Introductory Python3! The same person has published these two books.

# I did not know I have written the following articles. [Read the good book "Deep Learning from scratch--Theory and implementation of deep learning learned with Python"](

Solve three-dimensional PDEs with deep learning.

# Environment and environment construction Python == 3.6.8 TensorFlow == 1.15.3 This time, I developed the code using version 1 (TF1) of TensorFlow. TF1 only works with Python 3.6, so I installed P

[For self-learning] Go2 for the first time

# Looking back on basic grammar #### main package When you compile and execute the program, the main () function in the main package is executed first. ``` package main func main() { } ``` #### im

I want to use a network defined by myself in PPO2 of Stable Baselines

In [Until you clear Super Mario Bros. 1-1 using Stable Baselines](, you learned using PPO2 provided in Stable Baselines. PPO2 just gives the nam

Manim's method 21

# Overview I checked manim's method. I tried using Zoomed Scene. # Sample code ``` from manimlib.imports import * class test(ZoomedScene): CONFIG = { "zoom_factor": 0.3, "zoomed_display_hei

Get parameter values ​​in Django templates

## Thing you want to do `` I want to take the values ​​of the parameters `year` and` month` on the template side when accessing with. ## Solutions When taking

Play RocketChat with API / Python

It's a Python version of RokcetChat's REST API. It is necessary to use it properly for Public and Private (Immediately ...). So I tried to make it possible for users to get information without bein

Run Keycloak on Amazon Linux 2 without Docker

# Introduction I have summarized the fastest procedure for myself to tell customers "Keycloak is such a UI". If only you need to touch it, docker to your local machine ``` # docker run jboss/keyclo

Review the basics in 1 minute! Python Priority queue for fast minimums

# Overview Python has a convenient queue called heapq, which is used when you want to quickly retrieve the minimum value from a list, so let's review it quickly. Frequent content even in AtCoder

Underfitting and overfitting

Underfitting and overfitting Unable to capture logic when underlearning model is behind the data Overfitting training is overfitting to training data and deviates from the essence Library impo

Released corona occurrence status graph by municipality on streamlit and heroku

## myself It is an accounting shop. It's been three years since I started python as a hobby at the age of 35. Recently, I've gradually become able to create web applications, which is a lot of fun. T

Install Linux (CentOS) on your PC using a USB stick

## Overview I wanted to install CentOS on a PC I wasn't using to study Linux. However, my PC didn't come with an optical drive, so I installed it using USB. * No detailed explanation is given. ##

Supervised learning ~ Beginner's memo ~ (scikit-learn)

## Contents of this article I read "[Data Scientist Training Course at the University of Tokyo](

Find the ideal property by scraping! A few minutes walk from the property to the destination

## Introduction Nice to meet you, I am about to move next year. "I'm not good at trains, so it's good to be within walking distance from my commute." With that in mind, I was looking for a proper

Use sshpass on Amazon linux2

# Use sshpass on Amazon linux2 ## Overview When using sshpass on Amazon Linux 2, it took some time to activate the EPEL repository, so I will explain the procedure. ## procedure ### 1. Install the

Django-Overview the tutorial app on Qiita and add features (1)

## This is an article I wrote about a year ago. I will post it on Qiita so that it can be published to the public. ## Introduction In this article --Understand the correlation and rough role of e

I tried to solve the inverted pendulum problem (Cart Pole) by Q-learning.

# Introduction I wrote [Article about Q-learning]( before. As a concrete example, I introduced the two-bowl bandit problem, but since it does n

Manim's method 22

# Overview I checked manim's method. I tried using ZetaTransformationScene. # Sample code ``` from manimlib.imports import * #import mpmath = 7 def zeta(z): max_norm = FRAME_X_RA