Django --Overview the tutorial app on Qiita and add features (2)

## Introduction This is a continuation of the previous [Django --Overview of the tutorial app on Qiita and adding functions (1)]( Django has a s

[Python] How to deal with module errors

Even though I worked on building an environment overnight, the module error (Import Error) was not resolved and I was about to become a dead man. The cause of the error was the baptism that the path

Simple synonym dictionary with sudachipy

TL;DR --Generate a combination of synonym group id and representative word from sudachi's synonym dictionary (synonym.txt) --Use the generated combinations to easily use synonym dictionaries with s

[Oracle ADS] How is regression and classification determined?

About ads available in Oracle Data Science Cloud. # Conclusion Regression if the type of Series specified as target is float. Classification if int. # Decision logic ### Package location Let's

I made an action to automatically format python code

Why * When developing as a team, there is a big difference in code format * Some people do it, others don't * Different formatter * I don't want to commit code formatting only * I want to elimin

Construction of Ceph (Octopus) (setting mon node)

## __ Introduction __ As the title suggests, this article aims to build __ceph (octopus) __, which is the latest at the moment (2021.01). Also, since it also serves as a memorandum of the procedure

How to get a quadratic array of squares in a spiral!

## 1.First of all Nice to meet everyone! I'm Monabo, who is majoring in software engineering at university. Before reading, we want our readers to read <b> ideas </b> rather than code. Suddenly,

Get the hierarchy name using the OpenMaya iterator

# Introduction Suppose you want to get the node names below the selected hierarchy. I think the first thing that comes to mind is the listRelatives command. You can get the child hierarchy using t

Publish a web application for viewing data created with Streamlit on heroku

# Overview -[Last time](, you can now create web apps using Streamlit ――Because it's a big deal, let's publish it --So what you made → [Chocol

Function to extract the maximum and minimum values ​​in a slice with Go

## Introduction When writing code in Go, the process of calculating the maximum value or the minimum value in the slice I used it several times, so make a note so that I don't forget it. ### Get th

[Python] Convert CSV file uploaded to S3 to JSON file with AWS Lambda

## Configuration aimed at in this article ![lamda-csv-to-json.png]( ** Upload CSV file t

Notes around secrets authentication when implementing a simple application that performs slack notification with github webhook in google cloud function (python)

# background github has a function called [webhook]( that sends a request to the hook for the event that occurred. For example, by co

Manim's method 18

# Overview I checked manim's method. I tried using SampleSpaceScene. # Sample code ``` from manimlib.imports import * class test(SampleSpaceScene): def construct(self): sample_space = self.g

How to use lists, tuples, dictionaries, and sets

Udemy's course, <a href=""> Introduction to Python 3 taught by active Silicon Valley engineers + Applications + American Silicon Valley style code style <

A story about making 3D space recognition with Python

# Introduction First from things Here is it <blockquote class = "twitter-tweet"> <p lang = "ja" dir = "ltr"> Improved version of PTAM mentioned earlier <br> Qiita Rewrite everything <a href="https

[Data analysis for 5 years] Is the stock price rising a few days after the Golden Cross?

<br> Synopsis <br> How useful is the basic "golden cross" of technical analysis in practice? We verified TOPIX500 stocks using data for 5 years. <br> Conclusion <br> ・ ** Do not judge the buying

How to execute a schedule by specifying the Python time zone and execution frequency

There are many explanations that it is executed at a specified time or at a specified interval, I couldn't find a case to specify the time zone and execution frequency at the same time, so I impleme

[Python] How to write type annotations for Callable objects treated as variables and arguments

There are times when you need to treat a function or method as a variable or argument (Callable object) in Python. I will write an article about the type annotation in such a case as a memorandum.

Docker Easy Installation Procedure (CentOS)

## Contents of this article --Easy to install Docker on Linux (CentOS). --Understand the precautions when installing with `curl | sh`. * This procedure cannot specify the version of Docker to be i

Most wanted pandas functions (Part 02)

Here, I'm going to extend the last article I have written some time ago. You guys can read it in here [Most wanted pandas functions (Part 01)](

Create a Python development environment locally at the fastest speed (for beginners)

# background I used to scrape with `Node.js`, but are you getting excited these days? I want to be able to scrape with `Python`. By the way, I want to get on the trend, such as machine learning and

Are macOS and Linux completely different?

* This text is in beta. "What is Docker? I'll explain it carefully. " I'm writing now. macOS and Linux (Linux in a broad sense) are co

Pub/sub (CA certificate) with paho on Azure IoT Hub

This program has been changed from SAS token to CA authentication. Publish/sub on Azure IoT Hub with paho ( `` You need the following files:

Visualize data with Streamlit

# Overview ――I want to create a web application that can visualize data interactively ――It's a little heavy to use D3.js etc. live (technically) ――In the first place, knowledge of Web system is al

Go (Echo) Go Modules × Build development environment with Docker

# Introduction `Echo` in the framework `Go mod` for library management `Fresh` for hot reload I would like to build a Go development environment using Docker using Docker. The version of Go is `

When Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) cannot be started

# Ubuntu downloaded from Microsoft Store cannot be started ... ![スクリーンショット 2021-01-19 172846.png](

Build a detonation velocity website with Cloud Run and Python (Flask)

# Build a detonation velocity website with Cloud Run and Python (Flask) I created a website for [#Weekend Hackathon](

Enjoy edge computing on Alpine Linux

so, When I asked about the project aiming for height at last, I tried multi-booting on a laptop. Since ibus-anthy was the only Japanese input, [mozc]( mozc) I was in

Setting up a CentOS 7 server hosted on Alibaba Cloud ECS

This guide describes best practices for initial setup of ** CentOS 7 ** servers hosted on ** Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) **. Written by [Alibaba Cloud Tech Share](https://www.alibab

[Python] Display the Altair legend in the plot area

How To Place Legend Inside the Plot area in Altair ## About this article Recently, I like Altair, which is compatible with pandas/dataframe. However, the position of the legend is displayed in the p