A simple example of how to use ArgumentParser

I tried using ArgumentParser for the first time in Python. There were various articles on how to use it, but it took me a long time to find out what I wanted to do in a hurry, so I almost gave up,

[Docker] Introduction of capacity visualization tool "duf" in Alpine

## Introduction --The [df and du](https://qiita.com/t_o_d/items/a15a5ca851039575465d) commands are often used to check the capacity in the system. --Therefore, I used a capacity visualization tool c

Data analysis parts collection

# Data analysis parts collection --History - 2021/01/21 ver1 #### **`version.cmd`** ```cmd python --version :: Python 3.7.6 jupyter --version :: jupyter core : 4.6.1 :: jupyter-notebook : 6.

One solution when numpy can be entered via pip but not via poetry

TL;DR ### Assumed situation --If numpy is via system pip3, `pip3 install numpy` will work fine --I get an error when I do `poetry add numpy` via poetry ### solution 1. Hit `poetry run pip insta

[Reinforcement learning] Experience Replay is easy with cpprb!

# 0. Introduction The other day, "[[Reinforcement learning] Easy high-speed implementation of Ape-X!](https://qiita.com/ymd_h/items/ac9e3f1315d56a1b2718)" was released, but this time, an article for

[Python] Understand the content of error messages

#### background Although it is a memorandum for myself to learn Python, here is a summary of how to read error messages. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for solving the problem

How to replace with Pandas DataFrame, which is useful for data analysis (easy)

Personal notes you see when doing data replacement in pandas. ## Conclusion ```python data_x = features_df data_x.width = data_x.width.replace('Very expensive', 333) ``` Now you can replace'very e

It seems that some RHEL will be free with a big boo for the end of CentOS

# After the end of CentOS The announcement of the end of CentOS on December 8, 2020 seems to have been shocking, and the following entry I wrote is popular. ** [From CentOS to CentOS Stream. Impact

Allow Slack to notify you of the end of a time-consuming program process

# Overview Note that Slack now notifies you when a process for a time-consuming program (such as learning a deep model) is complete. As a feature, 1. In the program execution environment, execute

Get the list in the S3 bucket with Python and search with a specific Key. Output the Key name, last update date, and count number to a file.

I needed it because I needed it ``` # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- import boto3 PUBLIC_S3_BUCKET_NAME_TEST = 'Bucket name' def access_count(): count = 0 with open('file.txt', 'w') as f: #

Convert PDF of the progress of the division of labor (trends in insurance dispensing) of the Japan Pharmaceutical Association to CSV

Convert PDF of [Pharmaceutical Division Progress (Trends in Insurance Dispensing)](https://www.nichiyaku.or.jp/activities/division/faqShinchoku.html) of Japan Pharmaceutical Association to CSV ```py

Interpolate 2D data with scipy.interpolate.griddata

# What you want to do How to use `scipy.interpolate.griddata` Suppose you have x, y coordinates, and value data at those coordinates. #### **`example.py`** ```python print(sample_df) # >>> #

Get another tab with pyppeteer

I often see puppeterr memo ```python result_page_future = asyncio.get_event_loop().create_future() browser.once( | 'targetcreated', | lambda target: result_page_future.set_resul

What is Python? What is it used for?

Now that I have the opportunity to talk about Python, I would like to summarize my knowledge of Python in my experience (2 years of Python). There is a lot of Python content that I think. Please po

How to write a Python class

# Purpose While studying python, I couldn't catch up with how to write a class at once, so I output it and fix it. # Classes and instances --Class: A recipe for creating "things" in programming

Detect over-retained MSG in Rocket Chat

There are cases where you want to operate RocketChat without storing messages for a long time. I don't want to have a lot of chat messages that look like emails, and it also encourages me to put toge

Error: File contains no section headers. File: file: /////etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Base.repo, line: 1 solution

# error "Let's connect to a virtual machine" https://dotinstall.com/lessons/basic_vagrant/24106 While learning the above lesson with dot installation ``` $ sudo yum -y install httpd ``` After e

Manim's method part 23

# Overview I checked manim's method. I tried using VectorScene. # Sample code ``` from manimlib.imports import * class test(VectorScene): def construct(self): two_dot = TexMobject("2\\cdot")

I took a quick look at the fractions package that handles Python built-in fractions.

Now that I've learned about the existence of the Python built-in fractions package that handles fractions, let's take a quick look at how it behaves. # Environment used in the article Use Python 3

Story that an inexperienced person made a masked solver

## Introduction Hello. It is 0kayu806059. This article is Qiita's first post. As the title says, this time I made a verbal arithmetic solver. It's a very simple web app, but I'd like to keep track

Python environment construction

OS Windows10 Pro Vagrant 2.2.14 Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS I want to manage it with Docker in the future, so when I try to install Python, pip, and numpy, an error occurs. ```` ```` python3 -m pip install

playwright-python uses expect_navigation instead of waitForNavigation

in JS With Playwright (JS), to wait for the screen transition, * Set waitForNavigation before an event that causes a screen transition * Wait for the result of waitForNavigation after an event t

[Note] Conflict between matplotlib and zstd

I was addicted to it, so I made a note. However, it is unclear if this method is the best. # environment - Windows10 Pro 64bit - Anaconda # phenomenon --zstd not found --zstd is installed when y

Install Anydesk Linux version on Chromebook [Result NG]

The Android version freezes and cannot be used with Lenovo ideapad duet. Show Anydesk Linux repository screen [AnyDesk DEB repository how-to](http://deb.anydesk.com/howto.html?_ga=2.30094397.303148

Communication and networking

# Study record Communication and network 1/20 ## What you studied --Communication method (circuit switching method / packet switching method) --tcpdump command (command to see the contents of the p

Deploy a Python app on Google App Engine and integrate it with GitHub

## Motivation I tried deploying the same Python app on Heroku, AWS Beanstalk, and Azure, and wondered if I could do the same on Google Cloud Platform. However, it was overwhelmingly complicated compa

[Django] Download large files while saving memory.

How to avoid memory errors when downloading large files with Django. Use `StreamingHttpResponse` and` wsgiref.util.FileWrapper`. * Described an implementation example of function-based view # Whe

A story about what to do when a bad interpreter: Not such file or directory appears in Anaconda3 and how to investigate the cause.

# My environment ``` macOS Catalina version 10.15.5 Python3.8.5 Anaconda3 conda 4.9.2 anaconda Command line client (version 1.7.2) ``` # Error status #### **`Error message`** ```bash $ jupyter lab

Generate multiple HTML files at once by pouring JSON data into an HTML template with Python

I would like to generate multiple HTML files at once by pouring data managed separately into the HTML template file of the common format. ## Execution environment ・ Node.js 14.15 -Python 3.8 ・ Ji

Manim's method 20

# Overview I checked manim's method. I tried using MovingCameraScene. # Sample code ``` from manimlib.imports import * class test(GraphScene, MovingCameraScene): def setup(self): GraphScene.s