[PYTHON] Draw graphs in the programming language Julia

I tried to build an environment to draw a graph with the programming language Julia. The PySide Package has been added. The sample program that displays the graph at the end of the sentence is attached to the PySide package of Julia. With some modifications (added PySide.app [: exec_]() to the last line). (If you have any bugs or comments, please contact https://twitter.com/akmiyoshi)

I have (later) posted the procedure for building an environment on Windows 7 </ del>. If you are interested, please stock.

My environment is Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, but I installed the 32bit version of the program for all environment construction. If you follow this procedure, it will work on both 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows OS (XP SP2 or later).

[Addition] Steps 4, 6 and 11 have been added to 2014/07/04. If you have seen this article before 2014/07/04 and built the environment, please follow steps 4, 6 and 11. Thank you.


1. Install Python 2.7.7 (32bit).


2. Install numpy (32bit).

3. Install scipy (32bit).

4. Install matplotlib. (Added on 2014/07/04)

5. Install pip (a tool for installing / managing Python packages).


6. Install the matplotlib dependent libraries. (Added on 2014/07/04)

C:\Users\root>cd \Python27\Scripts

C:\Users\root>cd \Python27\Scripts
C:\Python27\Scripts>pip install -U python-dateutil
C:\Python27\Scripts>pip install -U pyparsing

7. Install PySide.

C:\Users\root>cd \Python27\Scripts
C:\Python27\Scripts>pip install -U PySide

8. Install PyOpenGL.

C:\Users\root>cd \Python27\Scripts
C:\Python27\Scripts>pip install -U PyOpenGL

9. Install PyQtGraph (32bit).

10. Install Julia (32bit).

11. Add the PyPlot package to Julia. (Added on 2014/07/04)

julia> Pkg.add("PyPlot")

12. Add the PySide package to Julia.

julia> Pkg.add("PySide")

13. Run the sample program.


## using the PyQtGraph submodule
## Examples from pyqtgraphs plotting.py
## translated into julia style

using PySide
reload(Pkg.dir("PySide", "src", "pyqtgraph.jl"))
using PyQtGraph
using PyCall

w = Widget()
lyt = VBoxLayout(w)
setLayout(w, lyt)

## Graphics Layout Widget make grid of plot devices
win = GraphicsLayoutWidget(w)
addWidget(lyt, win)
set_size(w, 800, 600)


## addPlot adds a plot device in next column over and returns a plot object
p1 = addPlot(win, title="Basic array plotting")

p2 = addPlot(win, title="Multiple curves")
p2.plot(randn(100), pen=(255,0,0))
p2.plot(randn(100) .+ 5, pen=(0, 255, 0))
p2.plot(randn(100) .+ 10, pen=(0,0,255))

p3 = addPlot(win, title="Drawing with points")
p3.plot(randn(100), pen=(200, 200, 200), symbolBrush=(255,0,0), symbolPen="w")


p4 = addPlot(win, title="Parametric, grid enabled")
p4.plot(sin(linspace(0, 2pi, 1000)), cos(linspace(0, 2pi, 1000)))
p4.showGrid()                   # defaults x=true, y=true

p5 = addPlot(win, title="Scatter plot, axis labels, log scale")
x = 1e-5 * rand(1000)
y = x*1000 .+ 0.005 * randn(1000)
y -= minimum(y).-1.0
mask = x .> 1e-15
x = x[mask]
y = y[mask]
p5.plot(x, y, pen=nothing, symbol="t", symbolPen=nothing, symbolSize=10, symbolBrush=(100, 100, 255, 50))
p5.setLabel("left", text="Y Axis", units="A")
p5.setLabel("bottom", text="Y Axis", units="s")
p5.setLogMode(x=true, y=false)

p6 = addPlot(win, title="Updating plot")

curve = p6.plot(pen="y")
data = randn(10000, 10)
ptr = 0
function update()
    global curve, data, ptr, p6
    qinvoke(curve, :setData, 1:10_000, data[:, 1 + ptr]) # had to fix this
    if ptr == 0
        p6.enableAutoRange("xy", false)  ## stop auto-scaling after the first data set is plotted
    ptr = (ptr + 1) % 10

timer = QtCore[:QTimer]()
qconnect(timer, :timeout, update)
qinvoke(timer, :start, 50)


p7 = addPlot(win, title="Filled plot, axis disabled")
y = sin(linspace(0.0, 10, 1000)) .+ randn(1000)*0.1
p7.plot(y, fillLevel=-0.3, brush=(50,50,200,100))
p7.showAxis("bottom", show=false)

p8 = addPlot(win, title="Region Selection")

x2 = linspace(-100, 100, 1000)
data2 = sin(x2) ./ x2
p8.plot(data2, pen=(255,255,255,200))

## no special functions for LinearRegionItem
lr = pyqtgraph.(:LinearRegionItem)([400,700])
qinvoke(lr, :setZValue, -10)

p9 = addPlot(win, title="zoom")

function updatePlot()
function updateRegion()
    view_range = qinvoke(p9, [:getViewBox, :viewRange]) # 2x2 array
    x_range = Int[view_range[1,j] for j in 1:2]         # a vector, not just view_range[1,:]'
qconnect(lr, :sigRegionChanged, updatePlot)
#qconnect(p9, :sigXRangeChanged, updateRegion) ## this is giving issues. Find out why.



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