Basic LINUX commands

Basic Linux commands

It's just the right content to remember that there was such a command. I haven't written options, so if you want to know more, you should check it on another site.

Command line editing

command Contents
ctrl + b Go back one character
ctrl + f Advance one character
ctrl + a Move to the beginning of the line
ctrl + e Move to the end of the line
ctrl + p,↑ One before(Previous)Show command

Check files and directories

command Contents
pwd Show current directory
cd Change the current directory
ls View files in the current directory

File operations

command Contents
mkdir [option] Create a directory
touch <New file name 1> <New file name 2>... Create a file
rm [option] <File name to delete 1> <File name to delete 2>... Delete file
cat [option] View file
cp [option] ... Copy files and directories
mv [option] ... Move files and directories

Find the file

command Contents
find Search file

When you want to check the contents of a command

command Contents
man I'm sure it will tell you

Good luck!


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