ArcoLinux install

I have installed Arco Linux. It is a derivative of Arch Linux, but it is recommended. In the Arch system, I introduced Manjaro, Is it stylish and cool? Arco has a high score. Japanese localization of problems and installation of each software Amazingly easy! SoftwareCenter is included as shown in the picture below. I'm almost forgetting the command ... (laughs![200103-.jpg]( -5c59-7deb0efdbffe.jpeg) Plank and Conky are removed in the photo. Arch system that should be lightweight makes it heavy Add an extra desktop environment ... I don't think such a tool is necessary.

In addition, in the currently released ArcoLinux It will be traversed by the first update. Refer to here → ArcoForum breks xorgproto

I look forward to working with you again this year.

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