[LINUX] sed command

sed command

I didn't understand it well, so I summarized it briefly.

What is the sed command?

"Sed" is an abbreviation for "Stream EDitor"

sed -Optional script command input file

With the above command Processes the specified file according to the command and outputs it to the standard output.

option Right align
-r In script(Not a basic regular expression)Use extended regular expressions
-f script file Add the contents of the script file as a command to execute
-escript Add script
-i Replace the original file with the output instead of outputting to standard output


Change "abc" in the file to "ABC"

sed s/adc/ABC file name

When there is no option

The first argument is treated as a sed script and all remaining arguments are treated as input files.

In / etc / shells, replace the place where "usr" is written with "USER"

sed s/user/USER/ /etc/shells
    #script#file name

It was easy, but like this, Now that I understand what it is like, I would like to make it usable.

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