[LINUX] Install Apache Zookeeper

I tried it, so a memo


CentOS7 Java installed


  1. Download the tar file

    # curl -LkvOf https://downloads.apache.org/zookeeper/zookeeper-3.6.0/apache-zookeeper-3.6.0-bin.tar.gz
  2. Extract the tar file

    # tar zxf apache-zookeeper-3.6.0-bin.tar.gz
  3. Place under / opt

    # mv apache-zookeeper-3.6.0-bin /opt/zookeeper
  4. Create a running user

    # useradd zookeeper
  5. Create a zoo.cfg file and change the settings as needed (IP address, etc.)

  6. Change owner

    # chown -R zookeeper:zookeeper /opt/zookeeper
  7. Create a service file

    # vi /etc/systemd/system/zookeeper.service
    Description=Apache Zookeeper Service
    ExecStart=/opt/zookeeper/bin/zkServer.sh start
    ExecStop=/opt/zookeeper/bin/zkServer.sh stop
  8. Reload

    # systemctl daemon-reload
  9. Start

    # systemctl start zookeeper


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