[PYTHON] I made a script to display emoji


Unfortunately, I can't see the emoji on this page, chrome on mac. I confirmed that it can be seen in safari, so please try it if you like.


There are more opportunities to see pictograms such as? And? On twitter. I wondered what other characters there are, and found that they could be easily displayed with a script, so I made one.

Installation method

Assuming you have python 2. *, run the following command.

$ wget https://github.com/takekawa/emoji/raw/master/emoji
$ chmod 0755 emoji

If you can execute the help and display it as shown below, it is successful.

 $ ./emoji -h  

     Usage: emoji [Options] [Message ...]
        -h --help
           Print this message
        -l --list 
           Print all emoji-characters with the name 
        -a --all 
           Print all emoji-characters without the name 

How to use

Simple example

 $ ./emoji sushi 

Grep to display a list of emoji with the name of clock

 $ ./emoji -l | grep clock
 alarm_clock	⏰
 arrows_clockwise	?
 arrows_counterclockwise	?
 clock1	?
 clock10	?
 clock1030	?
 clock11	?
 clock1130	?
 clock12	?
 clock1230	?
 clock130	?
 clock2	?
 clock230	?
 clock3	?
 clock330	?
 clock4	?
 clock430	?
 clock5	?
 clock530	?
 clock6	?
 clock630	?
 clock7	?
 clock730	?
 clock8	?
 clock830	?
 clock9	?
 clock930	?

Since it is a character, you can also search by pictogram.

 $ ./emoji -l | grep ?
 violin	?

In combination with echo-sd

$ ./echo-sd "sudden$(./emoji sushi)terrorism"
_People People People People People People_
> Sudden?Terrorism <
 ̄Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^ ̄

It's fun just to look at the emoji. In that case, this is recommended.

./emoji -l

Code description

Most of the 1000 lines are dictionaries of emoji names and character codes. The body of the code is only about 30 lines. Depending on the argument, a specific pictogram is output or all pictograms are output. I used python because it was easy to generate characters from code points, but I think it can be easily implemented in any language.


The definition of Unicode 6.0 for emoji is here, but it was difficult to extract, so [File Format](http: //www.fileformat.info/info/emoji/list.htm) was used as a reference. Unicode 7.0 adds new emoji, but this is not yet implemented on mac It seemed to be a future issue.

I checked it on Mac, but the emoji was displayed on the default terminal and iTerm2. However, it was not displayed in Emacs24.3.1, iTerm. Also, the emoji was not displayed well even with less. Please let me know if anyone knows how to display it. Also, the emoji on this page will not be displayed on Chrome. If you copy it, the character code is obtained correctly, so it may be a font problem. Please let me know if anyone can understand this.

See you soon.

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