Guidelines for reincarnating in the world of linux programming development (C / C ++ language)

I give it to you who have been biting programming without knowing it well on Windows. While saying that, based on the basics, an invitation to a development environment using VS Code.

Target audience

――I've done something like programming with Visual Studio (or something like Arduio) on Windows! Person --Someone who understands C or C ++ --People who have offline Linux without GUI (desktop) environment

Is there something like Visual Studio on linux?

In the case of linux with GUI, there are various things such as Eclipse. However, in the case of CUI, there are not many options. It seems that you need something like prerequisite knowledge for programming development.

What was Visual Studio doing?

Visual Studio is a kind of software called IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and includes the following functions.

--Text editor (edit code) --linter (Ability to parse code and warn before compiling (well helped!)) --Compiler (You are doing something before execution) --Debugger (You can set breakpoints during execution, right?)

Linux tools for each function of the IDE

In the CUI environment, the following tools should be combined for development.

I have a lot to remember!

Let's google for the time being. It has a long history, so you can use it. In some cases, I also write a Makefile. The most difficult things are as follows.

--You have to get used to a command line text editor. --You can also specify breakpoints with commands.

No, wait! Don't do this!

I agree. You who have completed the tutorial on how to use each tool. First of all, thank you for your hard work. But it's hard no matter how much time you have.

So VS Code Remote Development.

There is a great tool called VSCode Remote Development. As long as ssh is connected, both the editor and debugger can be operated from the GUI via ssh.

Let's use VS Code.

That was the story. It is easy to install in an online environment. If you are in an offline environment, refer to the following article to build it.

Introduce VS Code and Remote Development to an offline environment to make linux development comfortable

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