When writing a program in Python

Python program

I feel that more and more people are writing Python programs these days. I like Python because it's easy to program and maintain. It is also attractive that there are many libraries. It's great that you can install it quickly with pip.

As soon as the version of PHP changes, it will not work, so you have to recreate the development environment at that time! Even the compiler for windows is no longer sold. .. .. The worst development environment. I don't want to get involved again.

** But with Python it doesn't matter! !! ** **

You can always create the environment at the time of development quickly. No, it ’s wonderful! !!

However, there are many people who cannot use it conveniently, so I will write a word!

Be careful when installing with pip!

When writing a program in Python, there are cases where various things are installed with pip. I think that SoftLayer CLI etc. will also be installed with pip. But don't think about anything


#pip install softlayer

If you do it, you'll see it later! It's a world unrelated to people who like to fix strange errors or stuck. ..

If you touch the code in python, don't think about anything and use virtualenv! Otherwise, you will get strange errors and at worst it will not work.

When you execute it, please execute the command after entering the virtual environment with workon!


(softlayer)....#pip install softlayer

I think that the screen looks like this with () in front of the terminal.

This will give you a happy Python life! !!

By the way, I think that there will be a lot of information on how to set virtualenv if you try google, so I will omit it here!

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