[Linux] File and directory operation commands

I decided to develop using Linux for business ... However, I don't understand command operations, so I study from the basics (if I can't master it, my work efficiency is poor). I want to be able to output and master it.

[** ls **]: Browse files and directories


ls [option] [File]
option option説明
-a Output everything, including hidden files
-l Output in long format
-t Sort by update time and output
-r Sort and output in reverse order

[** cp **]: Copy file


cp [option]Copy source Copy destination
option option説明
-i Confirm when carrying out the process
-r Target directories
-p Save the information of the original file

[** mv **]: Move files


mv source file move destination file
option option説明
-i Confirm when carrying out the process
-f Forcibly execute the process

[** rm **]: Delete file


rm file name
option option説明
-i Confirm when carrying out the process
-f Forcibly execute the process
-r Target directories

[** pwd, cd, mkdir, rmdir **]: Directory manipulation

command Description Supplement
pwd Show current directory
cd Change directory(Move)To do cd -(ハイフン)でMove前のディレクトリに戻る
mkdir Create a directory
rmdir Delete directory

A symbol that represents a special directory

command Description
. Current directory
.. Parent directory
~ Home directory(User's work start position)
/ Root directory(Indicates the top level of the directory hierarchy)

[** cat **]: Display file contents


cat file name
option option説明
-n Display with line numbers added

[** less **]: View file contents using pager


less file name
option option説明
space Go to the next page
b Return to the previous screen
f Go to the next screen
Go to the previous line
Go to the next line
/word wordを検索する nキーで検索結果に飛ぶ
q Exit the pager command

[** find **]: Search for files


find path-name file name

[** help **]: How to use help



[** man **]: How to use the manual


man command name
option option説明
-k word Output a list of entries containing words

[** touch **]: Change file timestamp


touch [option]file name
option option説明
-t Specify the update time[[CC]YY]MMDDhhmm[.SS]format([]Can be omitted)

[** head, tail **]: Get part of the file


head [option]file name
tail [option]file name
option option説明
-n lead/Outputs the specified line from the end as standard
-c lead/Outputs the specified bytes from the end as standard

[** diff **]: Compare files


diff [option]File 1 File 2
option option説明
-c Output difference in context diff format
-u Output difference in unified diff format

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