My linux command

A memorandum for myself.

I'm studying Linux commands, so I'll take a note. Note that the memo command is only the basics of the basics.

Tools used for practice

Use Cygwin. Please refer to here for the installation method.

Normally, it seems to be a tool that can be manipulated on the Linux screen (screen like that command prompt) where the folder is GUIed with Explorer.

Command list

I referred to this page.

Folder operation system

Move current directory

cd Example: $ cd C:

List the contents of the current directory

ls Example: $ ls

Move files / folders

mv Example: $ mv targetFolder C: / destinatedpath

Copy files and folders

cp Example: $ cp targetFolder C: / destinatedPath

--Option ---rp: Copy all folders and files under the copy target folder

Clean the screen

clear Example: $ clear

Create a folder

mkdir Example: $ mkdir FolderName

Create file

touch Example: $ touch file.txt

Delete empty folder

remdir Example: $ rmdir target Folder

Delete files and folders

rr Example: $ rm target.txt

Display your current location

pwd Example: $ pwd

Search file

find Example: $ find -name target.txt

View file contents

cat Example: $ cat target.txt

Operation system

Display command history.

history Example: $ history

System management system

Show free memory / used memory

Example: free

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