[Online] Everyone's Python study session # 55 Rough memo


I'm a Python lover. I will write an overview and personal impressions of everyone's Python study session # 55.

Implementation outline

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-[Online] Everyone's Python Study Group # 55

The infection of the new coronavirus is spreading. In response to this, we will cancel the local holding (onsite holding) of this event scheduled to be held on 3/11 and change to online holding using Youtube live distribution. We will also change the original program to make it an LT tournament by Stapy community members.

The meeting was held online due to the influence of COVID-19, but in the chat section, it seemed that it was well received, saying "I was able to participate even in rural areas" and "It is easy to speak because it is a chat". Thank you to all the organizers. Thank you for the wonderful meeting.

By the way, LT is a lightening talk, a short presentation.

Each announcement

Please note that I will write only the part that I am personally interested in.

"The world of OS you do not know"

Shingo Tsuji (Start Python Club), @tsjshg

--The story of an OS called BeOS. **I do not know at all. ** (The person himself also made a story) --Advanced design such as OS API being C ++. --There are two types of OS, microkernel and monolithic kernel. The genealogy of Windows NT including Windows10 is the former, and the feature is that the OS does not fall together. --The whole body of macOSX is an OS called NeXT, but it is famous that BeOS was another candidate.

I don't know NeXT at all, but it was a lot of fun in the chat section. Everyone wanted it, but it was too expensive to buy. ** I laughed at "I bought NeXT without buying a car" **.

"I want to liven up my hometown and in-house! -The story of Python activities in Aichi, which I started after joining Stapy-"

Daisuke Uematsu (Start Python Club in Nagoya), @duematsu

--Those who started stapy in Nagoya. ――It is going on at the same time as the event in Tokyo, the first half is a live broadcast of the Tokyo venue, and the second half is an LT meeting. ――In addition, a 100-person Python meeting is being held within the automobile manufacturer.

I'm joined. I am always grateful for your help.

"A story about a front-end amateur using Vue.js for the Django Girls Tutorial."

nao_y (Start Python Club), @NaoY_py

--The story of Django Girls Tutorial + Vue.js. --Vue.js allows you to convert Markdown to Html with a small number of lines only on the front side. --Parse to html with a library called marked. --Sanitize html with a library called DOMPurify.

{% if form.raw_markdown.value is None %}
    var body = "# Hello";
{% else %}
    var body = `{{ form.raw_markdown.value|escapejs }}`;
{% endif %}
new Vue({
    el: "#editor",
    data: {
        input: body,
    computed: {
        compileMarkdown: function() {
            var html = marked(this.input);
            return DOMPurify.sanitize(html);
    methods: {
        update: _.debounce(function(event) {
            this.input = event.target.value;
        }, wait=150)

This is the number of lines. When I did Django + Markdown, I installed Markdown on the Django side, but it was very typhoon, such as setting middleware. It was a very informative presentation personally.

"About stapy offline holding after April"

Keiki Kishi (Start Python Club / Leading Edge), @YasukiKishi

--Tokyo participation will be 0 yen ?!

Actually, I couldn't see it well because of a delivery problem ... Draft beer servers, pizzas, and light meals are served at the Tokyo Association. It's not an enviable story.

"Introduction of activities for holding PyCon JP 2020"

Daisuke Saito (Vice-Chair of PyCon JP 2020)

-Introduction of PyCon JP 2020. Aug.28 (Fri)-29 (Sat) --Under recruitment of staff, even zero engineer experience is OK.

An event you care about. I am thinking of participating.

"How to add GUI to Python script"

Jun Okazaki (Scalar Communications Co., Ltd.), @dario_okazaki

--Python GUI recommended library. He emphasized versatility, introduced the ones with easy dependencies and easy installation. --Eel: You can write the GUI side in HTML (?!). Processing is the bottle library. --PySimpleGUI: A wrapper library for tkinter that mentions that the amount of code is 1/2 to 1/10 that of tkinter. If you use tkinter, use PySimpleGUI. --PyInstaller: I missed the details, but the warning that beginners should not use it is impressive. ――Because the Web is the mainstream era, desktop apps are not major in Python. --There is also mention of the development of smartphone apps. ――For personal use, - Android: PyDroid3 - iOS: Pythonista 3 --If you put it in the store --Java, Kotlin, Swift, React Native in UI --Python is used for API on the server side --In the world, Android has more DLs.

As a person who has touched HTML, CSS, Javascript, bottle, Eel is quite anxious. Tkinter and wxPython deploy all UIs in Python, so if it's not intuitive, it's not intuitive.

"How far can you improve from inexperienced in one month?"

Hiroaki Sengoku (Tech Planner Co., Ltd.) @xianshiyuming

--A report on the implementation of "Techpreneur Dojo" conducted in one month for university students and high school students. --Introduction Course-> Exam-> Basic Course-> Exam-> Advanced Course-> Exam-> Expert Course-> Final Examination --A ** hunter test-like ** selection-type program conducted in this order. ――The final passer was designed to be able to create the service on his own and receive compensation as a professional. ――What I learned from the implementation is that a certain amount of training is required for how to search and how to ask questions, and it is quite difficult to get out of the “relationship between teaching and being taught”.

It was a storm of ** "Envy" ** in the chat section. "I don't feel like I can beat the students who passed this ..." Sayana ... Anyway, it's a hunter.

Personal impression

Since it was the first online event, there were YouTube distribution troubles, audio troubles, and as the organizers were concerned, there were situations where "19:00 to 20:00" was delayed until 21:00, but online. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the early days of the event.

I'm grateful for these events because I don't usually have Pythonista around me and I can't talk about Python. It's fun to think, "Everyone here understands Python."

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