Try to get the contents of Word with Golang


I usually develop a little in-house tool in Golang The other day, I received such a consultation from a junior "Every week, I just have to paste a document written in Word into Excel and put it together ..."

** "Moreover, .docx and .doc are mixed ..." **


When I looked it up, I found a nice package, so I tried using it

A program that simply reads a Word file and outputs it to the console

package main

import (


//WordContent Preserves the content retrieved from a Word file
type WordContent struct {
	body string

// String fmt.Println()Called when outputting with
func (wc *WordContent) String() string {
	return strings.TrimSpace(wc.body)

//FileRead Reads the file in the path specified by filename and returns its contents
func FileRead(filename string) (*WordContent, error) {
	f, err := os.Open(filename)
	if err != nil {
		return nil, fmt.Errorf("fail to open file: %v", err)
	defer f.Close()

	switch filepath.Ext(filename) {
	case ".docx":
		content, _, err := docconv.ConvertDocx(f)
		wc := WordContent{content}
		return &wc, err
	case ".doc":
		content, _, err := docconv.ConvertDoc(f)
		wc := WordContent{content}
		return &wc, err
	return nil, nil

func main() {
	filename1 := "samples/sample.docx"
	wc, err := FileRead(filename1)
	if err != nil {


	filename2 := "samples/sample.doc"
	wc, err = FileRead(filename2)
	if err != nil {

The point is that the method to read the file differs depending on the extension.

I hope it works

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