Linux basic command memorandum

What is Linux

Same OS as Mac OS and Windows The OS is the software that manages the hardware of the computer.

Basic commands

ls Check the files directly under the current directory


% ls  //Check the file directly below
Applications		Pictures
Desktop				Public

pwd Check current directory


Desktop % pwd  //Check current directory
Desktop %

mkdir Directory creation


Desktop % mkdir sample  //Create sample directory
Desktop %

cd Move directory


Desktop % cd sample  //Move to sample directory
sample %

touch Create an empty file


sample % touth sample.html  //Create an empty file
sample %

mv change name


sample % mv smaple.html sample2.html  //Change
 sample % ls  //Check the directory directly under
sample %

rm Delete files / directories


sample % rm -r sample2.html  //Delete
ample % ls  //Check the directory directly under

sample % 

history Record of past commands


sample % history  //Check history
 1010  ls
 1011  cd sample.thml
 1012  cd sample.html
 1013  echo sample.html
 1014  echo "Hello world > sample.html\na\n
sample %


This article is a memorandum in case you forget it

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