For those who are having trouble drawing graphs in python

I installed matplotlib to try to draw a graph in python,

"Import Error: DLL load failed while importing ft2font: The specified module cannot be found."

The graph was not output.

Wai's execution environment: windows10 Python 3.8.6 (Hereafter output with pip freeze) certifi==2020.6.20 cycler==0.10.0 kiwisolver==1.2.0 matplotlib==3.3.2 numpy==1.19.1 pandas==1.1.4 Pillow==7.2.0 pyparsing==2.4.7 python-dateutil==2.8.1 pytz==2020.4 six==1.15.0

In my case, I was able to solve it by downgrading the version of matplotlib to the one below. Specific commands are available on Anaconda Prompt (anaconda3)

pip uninstall matplotlib 
pip install matplotlib== 3.2.2

And said. The "ft2font" that appears in the error message remains a mystery.

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