[LINUX] What is Raspberry Pi?

What is Raspberry Pi?

--A computer (single board computer) as small as a business card developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation in the United Kingdom.

――Originally developed for educational purposes, it is also used in embedded systems because it is extremely lightweight and inexpensive.

--Mainly use an external storage device such as an SD card as the data storage location, and install the OS on the external storage device.

--Rasberry Pi is provided with ** Raspbian ** as the official OS. Raspbian is an OS that runs on the Raspberry Pi and is based on ** Debian **. (The "bian" part of the name seems to come from Debian.)

--The OS is not installed on the Raspberry Pi itself from the beginning. Therefore, you can use it by starting Raspberry Pi with the distributed Raspbian saved in an external storage device such as an SD card in advance and making the necessary settings.

* In May 2020, the Raspberry Foundation changed the name of the OS from "Raspbian" to ** " Raspberry Pi OS " **.

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