Python is easy

Python Part 4 I will post on the 19th day of the Advent calendar. I couldn't write yesterday because of the side effects of the drug. I'm sorry.

Why I recommend Python to beginners

Because it's easy to write a program. Java and C # are the most difficult because they teach from the concept of classes from the beginning. Actually, when I was 23, there was a time when I was worried because I couldn't write a class. Now I can call it without difficulty www.

Why beginners rely on block languages

To be honest, the code feels strange. Honestly, we couldn't do anything if we were afraid of the code because it was COBOL at the very beginning. In fact, I fell out once. Then I came to think that writing was important. Block programming is relatively easy, though. Nothing can be done when it breaks. Anyone who wants to teach Micro :: Python has something to tell. Be sure to copy one Python book !! </ Strong> The reason is that you can fix it when the source is corrupted. I also had the experience of receiving the Pepper award at the Mashup Award, but I couldn't actually write Python. Choregraphe is actually a software for block programming of Python. My partner had a Pythonian, so I asked him to fix it. That's where I first touched on Python. Now I've become a person who writes quickly.

What is good when you put it on quickly

In fact, you can automate various things by applying it quickly. It is useful for automatically writing things in Excel, getting news automatically, and getting emergency information. Actually, it will be released in the idea section of this Urban Data Challenge, but we plan to actually make it into an application. I have decided to use Python for the automatic acquisition part. It's not because it's annoying in other languages. Because it's the easiest to use. I like C #, but I also like Python, jQuery, RIOT, ECMAScript, and PHP. I saw the story of a person who was dismissed by programming with Python, but to be honest, it's the correct answer. But don't open it up. Keep it to yourself. You'll get angry with the company, but after all we're only one office worker. </ strong> I will write it. If it were now, I would just write it to a general job and provide it in a sloppy manner. I will not return to a regular job anymore. It doesn't make money. Because there is technology.

By the way, I want to tell the hidden Python programmers. I want you to come to the hackathon next year. In particular, Atsushi Tamura, please come to the Chukyo TV Hackathon next year without hiding. </ strong> Actually, I've already written it on the Web, so I'd like to tell you to come to the hackathon honestly. There are so many hidden Pythonians that once you go to a hackathon, your life may change. I will write.


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