Python3 programming functions personal summary

at first

This is a personal reminder of Python 3 libraries and functions used in competitive programming and more.

List in order


#List from start to end
# [1,...,100]If you want start=1,end=100
li = list(range(start,end+1,step))

Invert list elements



Sum of elements in the list



Sort the list


#Sort the original list ascending order
#descending order

#Returns a list sorted in ascending order (the original list remains unchanged)
li_2 = sorted(li)
#descending order
li_2 = sorted(li,reverse=True)

Sort the list with your own comparison function


from functools import cmp_to_key

#Descending sort
def comp(x,y):
    if x >= y:
        #If you don't have to replace it-Returns 1
        return -1 #When you want to sort in descending order, x>=If it is in the order of y, you can leave it as it is,-Returns 1
        #Returns 1 if you want to swap
        return 1 #When you want to sort in ascending order, x<If it is in the order of y, I want to replace it, so return 1

#Sorting based on comparison function

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