[PYTHON] Create a function to visualize / evaluate the clustering result

Visualize and evaluate clustered results

Implemented a function that visualizes the result of clustering with vae etc. and displays the evaluation value.

Relabel the correct label and the cluster number that is the clustering result by majority vote, Draw a pseudo-confusion matrix and calculate accuracy. It also displays the evaluation values by NMI and ARI. I intend to create a function that can evaluate how well clustered it is.

#Import required libraries
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
import sklearn
#When using Jupyter notebook, display plot result in notebook
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
%matplotlib inline
df_result_dense = pd.read_csv('result-dense.csv')
Unnamed: 0 labels k-means
0 0 7 2
1 1 2 5
2 2 1 9
3 3 0 3
4 4 4 7
... ... ... ...
9995 9995 2 5
9996 9996 3 0
9997 9997 4 7
9998 9998 5 4
9999 9999 6 6

10000 rows × 3 columns

def relabel(ans, labels):
    df = pd.DataFrame()
    df['ans'] = ans
    df['labels'] = labels
    relabel(df, 'ans', 'labels')

def relabel(df, ans, label):
    #Relabeling closest to ans
    # df[ans]Correct answer, df[labels]Expects to have a cluster label in
    labels = df[label].unique()
    label_dic = {}
    for i in labels:
        counts = df[df[label] == i][ans].value_counts()
        label_dic[i] = counts.index[0]
    return list(pd.Series(df[label]).replace(label_dic))
relabel_k_means = relabel(df_result_dense, 'labels', 'k-means')
df_result_dense['relabel_k_means'] = relabel_k_means
{2: 7, 5: 2, 9: 1, 3: 0, 7: 4, 1: 9, 4: 5, 8: 8, 6: 6, 0: 3}
from sklearn.metrics import accuracy_score
ans = df_result_dense['labels']
labels = df_result_dense['k-means']
relabels = df_result_dense['relabel_k_means']
def eval_cluster(ans, labels, relabels):
    import seaborn as sns
    from sklearn.metrics import confusion_matrix

    sns.heatmap(confusion_matrix(ans, labels), annot=True, fmt='d')

    from sklearn.metrics import normalized_mutual_info_score
    print("nmi: " + str(normalized_mutual_info_score(ans, labels)))
    from sklearn.metrics.cluster import adjusted_rand_score
    print("ari: " + str(adjusted_rand_score(ans, labels)))

    sns.heatmap(confusion_matrix(ans, relabels), annot=True, fmt='d')
    print("acc: " + str(accuracy_score(ans, relabels)))

eval_cluster(ans, labels, relabels)


nmi: 0.8804532777228216
ari: 0.8405114317316403


acc: 0.9309

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