Linux commands

#File / directory display under
ls file name
ls -l File name
ll file name

#Login with root privileges
su -

#View current working directory

#Directory move
cd destination path

#Directory creation
mkdir directory name

#Directory deletion
rm -r directory name

#File deletion
rm file name

#File name change/Move file storage destination
mv file source file destination

#File copy
cp copy source copy destination

#View the contents of a text file
cat file name

#Log monitoring
tail -f Log file name

#Add user
adduser username

#Change user password

#Delete user
deluser username

#File owner change
chown username:Group name File name

#Change file permissions
chmod 644 filename

* 644 is "rw"- r-- r--Represents
421      421      421
rwx      rw-      rw-       ← r: read,  w: write,  x:Abbreviation for execute
 ↑       ↑       ↑
Your own group Other groups

#Server stop
shutdown -h now

#Server restart
shutdown -r now

#Date change
date 010123592020
* January 01, 23:59, 2020

#Service status check
systemctl status

#Service outage
sysytemctl stop

#Service start
sysytemctl start

#Service restart
sysytemctl restart

#vi command
#View file

#Input mode from the cursor position

#Add line below the cursor

#Delete line at cursor position

#Delete the character at the cursor position

#Normal mode
esc key


#Save and exit

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