[LINUX] Connect to VPN with your smartphone and turn off / on the server

I made a VPN connection to the server and turned the server off and on with my smartphone (Android). It's just that. It's a reminder of the procedure because I rarely do it.


There are times when you need to turn the server off and on on holidays. (Construction and inspection of power supply in the building)

Work style reform

In the first place, it is bad that the server is on-premises, I don't want to go to work on holidays. So I connect to VPN from home and operate it. There are times when you have to deal with while you are out. Carrying a PC for work, even though I'm out with my family, is going against the times, and my family is likely to say something.

So, I tried to operate everything with my smartphone.

Power off

VPN connection with UTM maker's smartphone app Ssh connect to the server with ConnectBot su --upstart shutdown -h now

Power on

VPN connection with UTM maker's smartphone app Remote management function of server (A function that allows you to turn the power on and off even if the server is not running) Then, turn on the power of the server.


It's frustrating if the login password set is a smartphone, If you pretend to look for delicious food on the go, your family won't know what you're doing. Peace is the best.

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