Use Linux commands on Android devices


I was playing with my smartphone, and suddenly I wish I could use Linux commands on my smartphone. There was ... a convenient app that can use Linux commands ... It is distributed for free on the Play Store with an app called "Termux".

You can also manage packages with the familiar apt command.

Try using

This time, I will try to insert apache2, create an html file, and display "Hello World" on the browser. Screenshot_20200313-212241.jpg

For the time being, the usual

apt update
apt upgrade

Then, insert apache2. By the way, vim

apt install apache2
apt install vim

So, the directory to create the html file is /data/data/com.termux/files/usr/shere/apache2/default-site/htdocs/ Put the file name in index.html and write it like this.


And if you search for http: //localhost:8080/index.html in your browser Screenshot_20200313-221044.jpg

I was able to display it.


Termux is amazing (small average feeling) Since SSH connection is also possible, can you do anything relatively? I want a Bluetooth keyboard ...

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