Teamviewer for Linux installation procedure (CentOS)

I put TeamViewer in CentOS7, so make a note

Install X-Window

# yum groupinstall -y "GNOME Desktop"

TeamViewer installation

# yum install -y epel-release
# yum install

TeamViewer setup

# teamviewer setup

You will be asked for your TeamViewer account. When you log in with your account, a CentOS host login confirmation email will be sent to your account email address. Approve and log in again

TeamViewer autostart settings

# teamviewer daemon enable


--Since I have only tried it with the paid version TeamViewer, those who are using the free version need to check --When I try to connect to TeamViewer for Linux from TeamViewer for Windows, it is said that it is not for personal use due to a mysterious algorithm. ――It looks like a good price because it is an annual license, but it is super convenient to buy

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