[LINUX] Shell memo


if statement

IF[ $0-eq 0]
echo "success"
ELIF[ $0-eq 1]
echo "failed,code is 1"

for statement

for i in $@
	echo $i

for((i =0; i <10; i++))
	echo $i

while statement

read -p "please input yes to exit loop:" ans

head | tail

#Get the contents before the Nth line from the top
head +20 notes.log
#Get the contents before the Nth line from the bottom
head -20 notes.log

tail -f notes.log
#Get the contents after the Nth line from the top
tail +20 notes.log
#Get the contents after the Nth line from the bottom
tail -20 notes.log


#Get the line containing the character you want to search
grep "string" *.txt
#Get the line that does not contain the character you want to search
grep -V "string" *.txt
#Use regular expressions
grep -E "string[0-9]" *.txt
#Other use cases
cat file | grep "string"


#Search files and folders commands
#Search files and folders by name
find path -name "*.txt"
find path -name "*.txt" -type f #Search only files
find path -name "*.txt" -type d #Search only folders
#Search by permission specification
find path -perm 777
#Search by user
find path -user root
#Search by change time
find path -mtime -5 #Things within 5 days
find path -mtime +3 #3 days or older
#Search by size
find path -size +1024k #1M or more
find path -size -1024k #1M or less
#Add other processing to what you searched for
find path -name "*.txt"|xargs rm -rf #Delete
find path -name "*.txt"|xargs ls -l #View permissions


#Display the second line ($Is the last line)
sed -n '2'p file
#Display the 1st to 4th lines
sed -n '1,4'p file
#Use regular expression, show lines containing los
sed -n '/los/'p file
#Use regular expression, display the contents from the 4th line to the line including los
sed -n '4,/los/'p file
#Do not display the first and second lines
sed -n '1,2'd file


#Show all columns in file
awk '{print $0}' file.txt
#Show columns 1 and 7 in the file
awk '{print $1,$7}' file.txt
#Show columns 1 and 7 in the file(Columns separated by ":")
awk -F: '{print $1”\t”$7}' file.txt
#Convert the first column of the third row in the file to an integer and display it(NR means row, NF means column)
awk '{if(NR==3){print int($1)}}' file.txt
#In the file[]Show all columns including(「!~Does not include)
cat file | awk '{print $1~/{print $0}}' 



#Display with duplicate content excluded
uniq file
#Show the number of duplicates
uniq -c file
#Show only duplicate lines
uniq -d file


#ascending order
sort file 
#descending order
sort -r file 
#「:Divided by ", descending order of the first row
cat file | sort -t: -k1 -r


command Operation content
Read r Redraw the screen.
Read R Redraw the screen.(If there is a change while browsing, the content will be reflected.)
Read F Continue reading the last line of the file.(「tail -Similar to the "f" command)
Move SPACE Advance one screen.
Move d Advance half screen.
Move RETURN Advance one line.
Move b Go back one screen.
Move u Go back half screen.
Move y Go back one line.
Move g, < Moves to the beginning of the file.
Move G, > Move to the end of the file.
Search /pattern "Pattern" Performs a forward search that matches.
Search ?pattern "Pattern" Performs a backward search that matches.
Search n Repeat the previous search.
Search N Repeat the previous search in the opposite direction.
help h, H Display help.
End q, Q, :q, :Q, ZZ I'm done.


#Examine the process
ps -ef | grep ssh
#Statistics the number of rows
xxxx | wc -l
#Folder copy (if dir2 does not exist)
cp -r dir1 dir2
#Split the file every 5 lines
split -5 file newfile

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