[Python] Join two tables with pandas

What do you want to do

I want to combine the following two tables into one based on the ID. 図1.png

How to do


You can select the joining method with how = "XXXX".

how="inner" (inner join) Extract and join the IDs that are common to the two tables. 図2.png


result 図3.png

how="outer" (outer join) Extract and join all the IDs of the two tables.



result 図5.png

Where there is no data, it is NaN.

how="left" (left join) Join only the IDs of the table on the left. 図6.png


result 図7.png

how="right" (right join) Join only the IDs of the table on the right. 図8.png




Since there were few articles written in Venn diagrams, I pushed it out as much as possible.

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