[LINUX] nkf command

nkf command

I wanted to convert a file written in UTF-8 character code to SHIFT-JIS, but I don't know how to do it. As a result of checking, it was said that the nkf command should be used, so I will summarize how to use it here

nkf command

Abbreviation for Network Kanji Filter Command to convert character code and line feed code

Basic format

$ nkf[option][File]
$ nkf[option]--overwrite file


option Right align
-g Output the character code of the file you want to convert
-j Output JIS code
-s Output shift JIS code
-w16 Output UTF code
--overwrite Convert and overwrite files


Check the character code of the file

$ nkf -w --overwrite hoge.html

Character code conversion to Shift-JIS

nkf -s --overwrite hoge.html

It's easy, but I've summarized it. That's all for today.

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