Make Unity Accelerator a service on Linux

A memorandum when Unity Accelerator is set up on the server

UnityAccelerator: v1.0.90+gd82184f OS: AmazonLinux2


Drop the officially prepared installation script and execute it

curl --output

sudo ./ --mode unattended

※ 「--If you add the "mode unattended" option, the installation will be done with the default settings.
If you do not give it, it will be an interactive custom installation, but since there are quite a lot of input items, default is recommended unless otherwise specified

Automatic service startup when the server is restarted

The service is registered when the installation script is executed, so enable it.

/sbin/chkconfig unity-accelerator on

Change target port

The configuration file is expanded to /root/.config/unity-accelerator/

vi /root/.config/unity-accelerator/unity-accelerator.cfg
→ Change ProtobufPort and LastUsedProtobufPort to any port

service unity-accelerator restart

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