Linux operation on Win10

By using WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux), you can create a linux environment in a Win10 environment.

Change Windows settings

Launch control.exe (even if you open the control panel)


↓ Check the windows subsystem for linux (It's already enabled in my environment, so it's checked, but I don't think it's checked by default) image.png You will be prompted to restart the OS, so follow

linux installation

After restarting, open the MicroSoft Store from the start menu and open Enter linux in the search tab and install your favorite distribution (Ubuntu is already installed in my environment, so it is displayed as installed) image.png After that, it will be the operation when ubuntu is installed. For other distributions, there may be operational changes as appropriate.

booting linux

Start menu-> start ubuntu After booting, you will see Installing, this may take a few minutes ... Wait a few minutes and then enter your username and password (It seems that admin was not good for the user name .. ww) image.png

This completes the environment creation !! After that, let's create a user, set up a web server, and do various things.

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