Linux mint installation procedure

How to put linux mint

This time, the operation speed of the old PC is slow and it is not easy to use, so the operation speed is improved. If you are studying Linux or PC system, it is one of the Linux distributions. I installed Linux mint.



Distribution installation

First, download the Linux Mint installation file


Linux Mint image file

Get from

Write the downloaded file to a USB memory

After downloading Linux Mint, then create a USB stick for installation

Because it is necessary to write using dedicated software

Use software called "balena Etcher"

If you select a Linux Mint file with flash from file and connect it to USB, USB is selected by default as the select target, so press the flash button to execute it.

Writing of the image file is completed after a few minutes.

Insert the USB memory into your laptop and start Linux Mint

Insert the USB memory into the PC and start the BIOS setting screen.

The BIOS setting screen can be started by pressing F2 or F12 immediately after starting the PC. (Depending on the PC)

Change the boot order of the BIOS after booting the BIOS setting screen.

Since it is set to read HD first, raise the priority of USB.

Save and restart your computer.

USB is read and Linux Mint boots.

Install Linux Mint

When Linux Mint starts, a menu will be displayed, so select "Start Linux Mint".

Then select "Install Linux Mint".

The installer will start, so proceed as instructed.

Reboot your PC when the installation is complete.

As written on the screen, unplug the USB and press the enter key.

This completes the Linux Mint installation.

What to do after installation


#Package update
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

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