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Development environment


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This memo focuses on how-tos for environment construction and error resolution.

DNS Set up Google's public DNS


Right-click on the network in the panel> Edit Connection> Add or Edit Connection> IPv4 Settings or Ipv6 Settings> Additional DNS Servers>, or 2001: 4860: 4860 :: 8888, 2001: 4860 : 4860 :: 8844> Save

You can change it by right-clicking the network on the panel and clicking the set connection name.

System setting

Change update manager update time

" Settings "→" Options "→" Auto-refresh " 15 minutes to first update the update list After that, update the update list with the following frequency 2 days

Make the directory name in English

LANG=C xdg-user-dirs-gtk-update

Disable compositing

" Window manager "→" Composite processing " Lighter weight by turning off window transparency, shadows and animation.


Time to repeat 220 Repeat speed 35

alias setting


alias relogin='exec $SHELL -l'
alias vi='vim'
alias vib='vi ~/.bashrc'
alias grep='ag'
alias ..='cd ..'
alias .2='cd ../../'
alias .3='cd ../../../'

Easy to see the terminal

In .bashrc ʻexport PS1 ='\ n \ [\ e [1; 36m ] \ w \ n \ [\ e [1; 36m ]> \ [\ e [m ] Add `. https://qiita.com/osorezugoing/items/7fb7e9f10a46e1d91a52

Theme change




Move to the unzipped folder / usr / share / themes 3. Select Dark-Olympic from the Window Manager style and set the font.




Font Migu 1M Regular Size 14

Window manager




Font Migu 1M Regular Size 14

Chrome font change

Take care of your eyes

Settings-> Design-> Customize Font Set standard size and minimum size to 18.

When the video thumbnail of thunar is not displayed

sudo apt install tumbler tumbler-plugins-extra ffmpegthumbnailer

Shortcut assignment

"Keyboard" → "Shortcut tab"

・ Task manager Shift + Ctrl + del ・ App super + (A, F, T, W, E, V, S)

Music player, file manager, terminal, web browser, text editor, video player, shortcut settings

Window manager

Window switching Ctrl + tab Reflected in the previous workspace ʻAlt L`

** Delete unused shortcuts as they cause malfunctions **

Make the mouse button (middle button) a space


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