[Linux] Git command

When using GCP, I used the git command for the repository. I was ignorant about the git command, so I looked it up. I tried to do the following. https://www.topgate.co.jp/gcp04-google-compute-engine-run-application GCP will use Git to manage the source code.

About git https://employment.en-japan.com/engineerhub/entry/2017/01/31/110000 What I'm doing this time is to duplicate the repository on github and use it on GCP. In short, the command for managing the source code. There is also a figure, so it will be helpful.

Read here for basic git commands https://qiita.com/konweb/items/621722f67fdd8f86a017

At the same time, I will also hold down the repository. https://www.otsuka-shokai.co.jp/words/repository.html When developing an application, it refers to a database that contains information about the data and programs that make up the system. Is it an image of storing sample code in the GCP repository?


Understand the stage and use git more conveniently: http://daretoku-unix.blogspot.com/2009/08/git.html

・ The concept of git "" Stage "=" Register specific changes in index "=" Instruct git to include in the next commit "" ↑ This is the point

https://kimromi.hatenablog.jp/entry/2015/08/04/082357 How to use git add A command to add to the staging area and commit.

https://tech-blog.rakus.co.jp/entry/20190930/git How to use commit

http://www-creators.com/archives/2106 How to use git commit

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