[PYTHON] Linux, Windows proxy settings

If you notice it, add it.

Global settings

For Linux, set it in the HTTP_PROXY environment variable. If there is no inconvenience, set it with .bashrc and the rest is easy. Windows is set in Internet Options.

$ export HTTP_PROXY=http://proxyserver:8080

Windows Update This is not limited to Windows Update, but when HTTP communication using WinHTTP occurs.

rem Load proxy settings from IE
> netsh winhttp import proxy source=ie
rem Set by handwriting
> netsh winhttp set proxy proxy-server="http://proxyserver:8080" bypass-list="http://example.com;local"



# Proxy Setting



$ rpm -ivh --httpproxy http://proxyserver --httpport 8080 ~~



#Fill in without commenting out
http_proxy = http://proxyserver:8080
https_proxy = http://proxyserver:8080



proxy-user = "user:password"
proxy = "http://proxyserver:8080"

Or $ curl -U user: password -x http: // proxyserver: 8080 -L targeturl


It seems to read the HTTP_PROXY environment variable, but if you want to set it for Git:

$ git config --global http.proxy http://proxyserver:8080


Read the HTTP_PROXY environment variable, but you can also set it with ~ / .gemrc.


http_proxy: http://proxyserver:8080

It can also be specified as an option when gem install.

$ gem install foo -r -p http://proxyserver:8080


$  pip install foo --proxy=user@proxyserver:port


$ npm config set proxy http://proxyserver:8080
$ npm config set https-proxy https://proxyserver:8080


When doing go get. HTTP_PROXY is referenced.

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