[GO] python> os.path.join ('data','checkpoint')>'data / checkpoint' on linux

Operating environment

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS desktop amd64
GeForce GTX 750 Ti
ASRock Z170M Pro4S [Intel Z170chipset]
TensorFlow v0.11
cuDNN v5.1 for Linux
CUDA v7.5
Python 2.7.6

I'm learning python code for Deep Learning related things called TensorFlow. https://www.tensorflow.org/versions/master/tutorials/mnist/tf/index.html#tensorflow-mechanics-101

flags.DEFINE_string('train_dir', 'data', 'Directory to put the training data.')
checkpoint_file = os.path.join(FLAGS.train_dir, 'checkpoint')

I implemented the above with ideone.


# your code goes here
import os.path

train_dir = 'data'
print train_dir

train_file = 'checkpoint'
print train_file

train_path = os.path.join(train_dir, train_file)
print train_path


Success	time: 0.01 memory: 9024 signal:0

It seems that / is added automatically.

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