[LINUX] Output a binary dump in binary and revert to a binary file

I want to do something with just Linux commands!

Sometimes I wanted to display the dump result of a binary file in binary (only with the linux command). I will introduce what I did at that time. (There may be other good ways.)

First, prepare the following shell script.



hexdump -v -e '/1 "%02X\n"' $1 | awk '{print substr($1,1,1) " " substr($1,2,1)}' | awk -f hex2bin.awk 

First, the first hexdump command outputs in 1-byte units.

hexdump -v -e '/1 "%02X\n"' $1

Output example

$ hexdump -v -e '/1 "%02X\n"' file

So, give this output to awk and put a space between them.

$ hexdump -v -e '/1 "%02X\n"' file | awk '{print substr($1,1,1) " " substr($1,2,1)}' 
7 F
4 5
4 C
4 6
0 2
0 1
0 1
0 0

I will give this output to awk again. Now specify the following script with the -f option.


function hex2bin(shex) {
    bins["0"] = "0000";
    bins["1"] = "0001";
    bins["2"] = "0010";
    bins["3"] = "0011";
    bins["4"] = "0100";
    bins["5"] = "0101";
    bins["6"] = "0110";
    bins["7"] = "0111";
    bins["8"] = "1000";
    bins["9"] = "1001";
    bins["A"] = "1010";
    bins["B"] = "1011";
    bins["C"] = "1100";
    bins["D"] = "1101";
    bins["E"] = "1110";
    bins["F"] = "1111";

    return bins[shex];

    print hex2bin($1) " " hex2bin($2);

This will produce the following output.


0111 1111
0100 0101
0100 1100
0100 0110
0000 0010
0000 0001

Try to return the output result

Now that we've done this, let's convert it back to binary format with just the standard linux commands. I prepared the following awk script.


function bin2hex(sbin) {
    hex["0000"] = "0";
    hex["0001"] = "1";
    hex["0010"] = "2";
    hex["0011"] = "3";
    hex["0100"] = "4";
    hex["0101"] = "5";
    hex["0110"] = "6";
    hex["0111"] = "7";
    hex["1000"] = "8";
    hex["1001"] = "9";
    hex["1010"] = "A";
    hex["1011"] = "B";
    hex["1100"] = "C";
    hex["1101"] = "D";
    hex["1110"] = "E";
    hex["1111"] = "F";

    return hex[sbin];

    printf "echo -en \"\\x%c%c\" >> hoge.bin\n",bin2hex($1),bin2hex($2)

with this

0111 1111

Is the character string

echo -en "\x7F" >> hoge.bin

Is converted to the echo command. As shown below, if you redirect to a neat file name and execute that file, a binary file will be output.

$ awk -f bin2hex.awk sample.txt > text2bin.sh
$ bash text2bin.sh

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