python related summary

Syntax / standard library related

-Python standard library: order maintenance bisect -Try using the collections module (ChainMap) of python3 -About the Python decorator -with syntax (Python) -Note on how to use Python standard unittest -[Note] About the role of underscore "_" in Python ―― A very convenient regular expression in python! -How to use regular expressions in Python -What I did when I wanted to make Python faster -Call C language functions from Python to exchange multidimensional arrays

Package / import

-How to make a Python package (written for internships) -Import stumbling block -How to make a simple Python package

Serialization related

-Compare Python serialization module pickle marshal dill cloudpickle

numpy / pandas

-To go back and forth between standard python, numpy, pandas ①

numpy -Apply function to row or column of numpy.array without list comprehension

pandas -How to speed up Pandas apply method with just one sentence (with verification calculation) -Convenient time series aggregation with TimeGrouper of pandas -Convert categorical variables to numbers with pd.factorize -When you want to aggregate argmax with DataFrame of pandas -Speed comparison when converting string list to np.array with python -When you want to handle jsonl with pandas


-Match summary of matplotlib -Jupyter Lab Recommendation -Notes on using matplotlib on the server -Highcharts on Jupyter notebook -Various data plotting with pandas + matplotlib -Settings for easy selection of multiple kernels in Jupyter -Run Jupyter notebook on remote server -Rich data visualization with Jupyter Notebook x d3.js

Parallel / parallel programming

-How to use subprocess (Python3.6) -Understanding multithreading (Part 1) -I investigated GIL that you should know if you want to do parallel processing with Python

WebApp related

-5 principles of design patterns by Python -Introduction to Python Django (1) -Save Pandas data to DB using SQLAlchemy -How to use Requests (Python Library)

Flask -How to display flash messages in Flask -How to realize multipart / form-data file upload with Flask

coding VSCode -Introduce flake8 instead of pylint in VS Code Python development environment and set automatic formatting -Comfortably follow VS Code coding conventions -Prepare the Python development environment for Visual Studio Code. pylint (syntax check), pytest (unit test), around docstring -Comfortably follow VS Code coding conventions

emacs -Automatically generate Python Docstring Comment in Emacs -Automatically format Python code into code conforming to PEP8 with Emacs -Python development environment on Emacs -Summary of recommended basic settings for Emacs (.emacs.el)


-Python Web scraping technique collection "There is no value that cannot be obtained" JavaScript support @ Added 6/12 -Scraping with Python and Beautiful Soup -Get information on the net with Python3 + urllib + BeautifulSoup


-Note from installing Homebrew to building an Anaconda environment for Python with pyenv -Building a python environment for those who aim to become data scientists 2016 -conda and pip: Danger of mixing -How to easily switch the virtual environment created by Conda on Jupyter --How to hide (base) of conda


-Introduction to cython -Generate PowerPoint explanatory material (report) with Python -How to not escape Japanese when handling json with python -[Google] Easy and convenient Python argument parsing [Abseil] -Python Profiling -Recommendation of data analysis using MessagePack -Run pytest test on CircleCI

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