[PYTHON] It is surprisingly troublesome to get a list of the last login date and time of Workspaces

Introduction I run Workspaces, but here are some tips I found during the run.

What is Workspaces This article is intended for those who are actually operating Workspaces, so what is VDI? What is Workspaces? Is omitted. See official for details. [Amazon WorkSpaces](https://aws.amazon.com/jp/workspaces/)

Why do you need the last login date and time When operating AWS Workspaces, I want to know if there are people who have created instances but are not actually using them. Your last login date is X months ago, but don't you use it anymore? I want to do an inventory.

How can I get the last login date and time? There is no last login date and time in the instance list display of the management console. If you look at the details one by one, it will come out. .. .. Investigation starts from here. First of all, if you check the API specification, it is true that [DescribeWorkspaces](https://docs.aws.amazon.com/workspaces/latest/api/API_DescribeWorkspaces.html) that gets the instance list does not have the last login date. .. ..

If you take a closer look at the API documentation, you will find the last login date and time LastKnownUserConnectionTimestamp in DescribeWorkspacesConnectionStatus!


//Response Syntax
   "NextToken": "string",
   "WorkspacesConnectionStatus": [ 
         "ConnectionState": "string",
         "ConnectionStateCheckTimestamp": number,
         "LastKnownUserConnectionTimestamp": number, //<-this!
         "WorkspaceId": "string"

However, it seems that you can only request up to 25 instances after putting WorkspaceId in this API and request. It seems that if there are 25 or more units, it is not possible to acquire all of them at once.

WorkspaceIds The identifiers of the WorkSpaces. You can specify up to 25 WorkSpaces.

Use Python to get the list Now that I know the API specifications, I created a program in Python. Assuming that the required authority is in the environment variable, I made a program that spits out the instance list + last login date and time in CSV format. A little ingenuity is that even if the Direcotry ID is displayed in CSV, it sounds without knowing what it was, so I adjusted it to display the Direcotry Name. If you put the operating DirectoryID in `DirecotryIds` as an array, it should work. Python 2.7.10.


import boto3
import csv

# Initialize SDK client for AWS Workspaces
client = boto3.client('workspaces')
paginator_describe = client.get_paginator('describe_workspaces')
paginator_connection = client.get_paginator('describe_workspaces_connection_status')

# Initialize output CSV header
data = [["UserName", "WorkspaceId", "Directory", "State", "ComputerType", "LastLogin"]]

# Initialize Directory ID list
DirectoryIds = [

# Initialize mapping between Directory ID and Name
def addDirectoryMapping(direcotry):
    directoryMapping[direcotry["DirectoryId"]] = direcotry["Alias"]

directoryMapping = {}
paginator = client.get_paginator('describe_workspace_directories')
page_iterator = paginator.paginate()
for page in page_iterator:
    map(addDirectoryMapping, page["Directories"])
print("Direcotry mapping is DONE")

# Find Directory Name from ID
# @param  workspace ID
# @return Name of directory
def findDirectoryName(direcotyrId):
    if direcotyrId in directoryMapping:
        return directoryMapping[direcotyrId]
        return "Other"

# Find last login time by SingleId
# @param  workspace ID
# @return LastLogin Time
def findLatestLoginTimeById(workspaceId):
    response = client.describe_workspaces_connection_status(
    if not len(response["WorkspacesConnectionStatus"])==0:
        connectionStatus = response["WorkspacesConnectionStatus"][0]
        if "LastKnownUserConnectionTimestamp" in connectionStatus:
            return connectionStatus["LastKnownUserConnectionTimestamp"]
            return "unknown"
        return "Error"

# Get necessary information from Workspace Instance
# @param workspaces
# @return list
def parse_list(workspaces):
    return list

# Get necessary information from Workspace Connection Status
# @param WorkspacesConnectionStatus
# @return list
def parse_list_connection(WorkspacesConnectionStatus):
    if "LastKnownUserConnectionTimestamp" in WorkspacesConnectionStatus:
    return list

# Export CSV file
def exportCSV(data):
    with open("VDI_LIST.csv", "w") as f:
        writer = csv.writer(f, lineterminator="\n")
        print("Create File is DONE")

# main function
def describeWorkspacesByDirectoryId (Id):  
        workspacesDescribeInDirectory = []
        print(Id + " is started")
        # describe workspaces
        page_iterator_describe = paginator_describe.paginate(DirectoryId=Id,PaginationConfig={'PageSize': 10})
        for page in page_iterator_describe:
            workspacesDescribeInDirectory = map(parse_list, page["Workspaces"])
        print(Id + " describe_workspaces is DONE")
    except Exception as e:
        print(e.message + " :: impacted Directory ID is " + Id)

map(describeWorkspacesByDirectoryId, DirectoryIds)

More advanced usage analysis By the way, [Workspaces Cost Optimizer](Workspaces Cost Optimizer), a service that analyzes usage properly. https://docs.aws.amazon.com/solutions/latest/workspaces-cost-optimizer/welcome.html)がAWSでは用意されているみたいなので、本格的な運用ではコレを利用するのが良いみたい。

Conclusion It would be better to execute the batch once a month, but since I had an application for manual operation (laughs), there were some users who had never logged in even though I created an instance, so it was a surprisingly useful program. did.

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