PIL with Python on Windows 8 (for Google App Engine)

Note that I tried to put PIL into Python on Windows 8 and it didn't work. By the way, GAE (Python is 2.7.5 because it is for Google App Engine)

When I do it normally, I'm told that the PIL installer doesn't have Python ... Here, if you copy the registry data in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to HKEY_CURRENT_USER, you can do something about it. So, when I changed Python to for me (who is not for all user for the time being), the installation of PLI went well. By the way, if you google with PIL, ver.1.1.7 will come out, but use ver.2.0.0 of this. GAE didn't recognize it as 1.1.7


  1. Install Python only for yourself (non-All User)
  2. Install Pillow 2.0.0

Maybe this is fine. Should be ...

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