Build a Samba server on Arch Linux

Samba is software that enables file and printer sharing between Windows and UNIX. Not only Linux and Mac, but also smart devices like Android and iOS can connect to the server.

NFS is a well-known non-Samba file server. For NFS, refer to Building an NFS server on Arch Linux.



samba Install the package.

# pacman -Syu samba

Samba settings

Create /etc/samba/smb.conf. The following is an example of a configuration file that shares / data / share / public.



#It is case sensitive.
case sensitive = yes

#Do not try DNS resolution if the NetBIOS name is not found.
dns proxy = no

# and (Loopback)Allow access from.
hosts allow = 192.168.0. 127.

#Prohibit access from the root user.
invalid users = root

#Set the name of the log file.%m is replaced with the NetBios name.
log file = /var/log/samba/%m.log

#Specifies the maximum size of the log file in KB.
max log size = 10000

#Disable SMB1 and use SMB2 or later.
server min protocol = SMB2

#Operate in standalone mode, where authentication and resource management are completed on this server.
server role = standalone server

#Set the server description.%h is replaced with the host name.
server string = Samba File Server on %h

#Workaround for Mac issues with creating weird permissions ignoring create masks.
unix extensions = no

#The server sendsfile()Use this to optimize performance.
use sendfile = yes

#Set the name of the workgroup appropriately.
workgroup = WORKGROUP

#Define a shared file server accessible to all Samba users.

    #Specify the file path on the server.
    path = /data/share/public

    #Authenticate using your username and password.
    security = user

    #Allows writing as well as reading to shared files.
    writable = yes

Creating a shared directory

Create a directory to share if it does not already exist. I set the permissions to 777 so that other users can access it.

# mkdir -p /data/share/public
# chmod 777 /data/share/public

Firewall settings

Open TCP ports 137, 138, 139, 445. The following is an example of iptables configuration.


-A INPUT -m state --state NEW -m tcp -p tcp --syn -m multiport --dports 137,138,139,445 -j ACCEPT

Start the Samba server

Start smbd and nmbd.

# systemctl start smb nmb

Also, set smbd and nmbd to start automatically after a system reboot.

# systemctl enable smb nmb

Add Samba user

Use a Linux user to access Samba. Create a Linux user in advance, such as by using the ʻuseraddcommand. However, you must set a Samba-specific password separate from the Linux user password. Use thepdbedit` command to set the password.

# pdbedit -a -u name

There is also a way to synchronize your Linux login password with your Samba password, but this is not covered here.



Click "Move" and "Connect to Server (Command + K)" to display a dialog. Enter an address such as nfs: //

However, this will cause it to be unmounted when the system is rebooted. To mount it automatically, select the above mount point from "System Preferences", "Users and Groups", "Login Items", and "+".


Download the appropriate filer application for Samba from the Google Play store. I'm using CX File Explorer ( You can access the Samba server in CX File Explorer by following these steps:

  1. Open the Network tab and click the+button.
  2. Open the Remote tab and select SMB.
  3. Enter the host`` user name password and click the ʻOK` button.

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