Linux [shell command]


This will be a memo for learning. This time, we will learn frequently used shell commands (shortcut keys).

Move cursor

command Contents
Ctrl+f Move to next one character
Ctrl+b Move one character forward
Ctrl+a Move to the beginning of the line
Ctrl+e Move to end of line
Meta+f(esc+f) Move to the next word
Meta+b(esc+b) Move one word forward

Editing strings

command Contents
Ctrl+h Delete one character to the left of the cursor
Ctrl+d Delete one character in the cursor part
Ctrl+w Delete the word at the cursor position (the part before the cursor)
Ctrl+u Delete from the cursor position to the beginning of the line
Ctrl+k Delete from the cursor position to the end of the line
Ctrl+y Insert the last deleted content

Response in case of trouble

command Contents
Ctrl+c Forcibly terminate the command being executed
Ctrl+l Erase the screen. Can also be used to clear garbled characters
Ctrl+s Screen display lock (character input from the keyboard is not accepted)
Ctrl+q Unlock screen display

Completion / command history

command Contents
Tab Command and path completion
Ctrl+p or ↑ key View the previous history
Ctrl+n or ↓ key See the history after one
Ctrl+r Incremental search of command history

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