[Basic] linux command

Command Description
ls Show files and directories in the current directory
ls -l Display file and directory details at the same time
ls -a Show all files and directories, including hidden files
ls−la Show details of all files and directories, including hidden files
-l long format
-d Show only specified directory information
cd change directory
cd ~/ Go to your home directory
cd .. Move to the next higher level file
cd filename go to file
pwd print working directory
touch filename empty file created
mkdir folder name An empty folder is created. (Make directory)
mv filename a/ move move file to a/with relative path
mv file a file b rename file a to file b
rm filename remove file
rm directory name delete directory and its contents
rm -f filename delete file without warning
rm -rf directory name delete directory and its contents without warning
cp Copy file
-p Preserve file attributes
-R Whole copy
-v Show copied file names
cat View the contents of a text file
man View manual
whatis Show a brief description of the command
which Find out where to save the command
type Find out where to save the command
apropos Search for commands by keyword
find File search *[find directory name-name file name]Search by
cal Calendar display Example) cal 11 2018
date date display

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