[PYTHON] Get only the subclass elements in a list

class Base(object):

	def getAttributeKeys(self):
		"""Defined in a class that inherits Base
element(Methods and properties)I want to get only the key of

class Child(Base):

	def __init__(self):
		self.hoge = "hoge"
	def fuga(self):

In this suitable example,

ch = Child()
print(ch.getAttributeKeys())   # >>> ['hoge', 'fuga']

When you want to be like.

Subtract using set

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7136154/python-how-to-get-subclasss-new-attributes-name-in-base-classs-method I think there are various ways to do it, but I wonder if this way is personally beautiful.

Set operations are easy to use in Python, so use this Subclass element list minus parent class element list You can get a list of child classes like this.

class Base(object):

	def getAttributeKeys(self):
		return set(dir(self.__class__)) - set(dir(Base))

(* The result will be set instead of list.)

This and that

ch = Child()
keys = getAttributeKeys()

#Try to get the value of attribute
key = keys[0] #Suppose you choose from the keys
attr = ch.getattr(self, key)

#Determine if it is a method and execute
import types
if isinstance(attr, types.MethodType):
	#Since attr is a method, it can be executed

Please use it when you want to automatically import what is defined in the subclass.

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