A memorandum to run a python script in a bat file

In windows environment

・ If you make a bat file, you do not have to mess with the black screen as much as possible. -It is necessary to specify the python path in the environment variable in advance.

Create and place a bat file (.bat) in any folder

cd /d %~dp0

python test.py

Make arbitrary processing into a python file (test.py)

from sklearn.datasets import load_iris
import pandas as pd
import seaborn as sns

iris = load_iris()
df = pd.DataFrame(iris.data, columns=iris.feature_names)
df['target'] = iris.target
img1 = sns.lmplot('sepal length (cm)','sepal width (cm)',data=df,hue='target')
img1.savefig("out_img1/img1.png ")
img2 = sns.pairplot(df, hue="target")
img2.savefig("out_img2/img2.png ")

This time, I prepared subfolders named out_img1 and 2 in any folder. The output is output to the specified subfolder.

Put the bat file and py file in the same folder and execute bat

that's all

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