[Linux] Copy data from Linux to Windows with a shell script

Copy data from Linux to Windows with a shell script

Verification environment

-CentOS Linux release 7.6 · Windows Server 2019

  1. Install the samba client on Linux
#Check if the samba client is installed
rpm -q samba-client

#Install samba client
yum install -y samba-client
  1. Create a shared folder on Windows
  2. Access from Linux with smbclient and copy data with put command

#Access Windows shared folders with samba
#「smb: \>Is displayed, access is successful
#Exit samba connection with "exit"
smbclient '\\Windows IP address\Shared folder name' -U domain name\\username%password
smb: \>put Linux data path File name when putting on Windows
smb: \> exit

Example of use

#! /bin/bash
# /var/Under log.For log files
for filePath in `find /var/log/*.log`; do

     # -send put command with c
        smbclient '\\Windows IP address or PC name\Shared folder name' -U username%password-c "put ${filePath}  ${filePath##*/}"  >&1

        #Delete the data on the Linux side if you do not need it
        rm -f $filePath

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